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Valentan reviews Perfect world international (PC)

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Valentan said...

It's a nice looking game toon creation is great. but the game is slow to lvl without item mail stuff
less XP when in a group which is stupid,because u need to be in a group for most quest.lots of lag in main towns.
PvP is a duel system which means if u r lvl 20 only lvl 40+ will duel u most of the time "LAME" there is a guild system which would be a good thing if there was a reason to be in a guild other then hey look im in a guild.And YAY the gae makers put out a new game like once a month which is really the same game with a new name.....LoL
and the quest are go here kill 20 of these for 200 XP u only need 378,765,543,897,096 XP for next lvl.

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